BUNDLE +ORBAN Optimod 8700 FM + NetConcert4 OPTIMOD+8700i FRONT-new5 8700i+rear+paneL-new5

BUNDLE +ORBAN Optimod 8700 FM + NetConcert

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NEW Omnia.11 V3.5 Update
Omnia.11 v3.5 brings significant new updates to the Omnia.11 platform, including the new “Pepino” clipper—the latest FM final clipper design from Frank Foti. With Pepino, Frank redesigned the clipper section to perfectly compliment Omnia.11’s G-Force dynamics engine. Likewise, G-Force processing improvements now take advantage of the newly designed clipper.

FM/HD blend and other performance improvements include:
• Better high-frequency handling and more consistent bass response
• Seamless transitions when switching between presets with extremely different EQ and compression characteristics
• Improved audio consistency for better blending between FM and HD channels, including a unified FM/HD Bass Clipper
• A new “Phat Bass” update for richer, stronger bass presence
• Improved sound in the low-latency DJ section
• A greatly improved HD look-ahead limiter in HD-enabled units
• Warmer and cleaner live/dry voice performance
• A Transient Detail Enhancer in the dynamics section offers smarter, more powerful RMS control in the AGCs, producing a solid increase in loudness to match the performance of the Pepino clipper.

Omnia.11 is available in FM+HD with separate processing paths for FM and HD/DRM and FM without HD/DRM. The FM-only model is upgradeable to FM/HD at a later date. Switchable Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSBSC) technology for potential reduction of multipath is standard feature. A front panel touch screen GUI, on a 10.5" diagonal screen, provides ease of use and enhanced metering and diagnostics. Remote access is available via any web browser. Livewire, AES/EBU digital and analog I/O are standard. Fanless cooling. Rugged 4 RU chassis. Both FM+HD and FM-only models are also available with the Perfect Declipper Option, a revolutionary new algorithm that restores clipped areas in audio recordings engineered by audio-processing legend Hans van Zutphen. This algorithm not only restores dynamics, but removes distortion.

Main Features:
• NEW! G-Force™ Dynamics Engine: The G-Force Plug-In (which ships standard on all new Omnia.11 units and can be added as an optional upgrade for existing units in the field) enables Omnia.11 to handle rapidly changing, hyper-compressed source material better than ever with new, sophisticated improvements. The G-Force dynamics processing framework lets the Omnia.11 set the overall EQ for signature consistency, making it sound cleaner, clearer, louder, more consistent, more open, and more pleasing. You hear the music. You hear the voice. You don’t hear the processor.
• Solar Plexus: For deep, tight bass that you can feel!
• 1 Louder: To gain that extra db of loudness.
• Intelligent Ultra-Multiband Limiter System: Self-adjusting attack/release functions guarantee crystal clear music and voice. The limiters are self-adapting and can tune themselves to the activity of the AGC section on the fly, providing more powerful and transparent limiter action than possible before. Makes adjustment of limiters a breeze!
• Bass Management: Manages harmonics for a natural and undistorted bottom end.
• Ultra LoIMD Distortion Controlled Clipper System: Dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion (IMD) for more loudness headroom.
• MPX Composite Baseband Over AES (Omnia Direct): Output of the Omnia.11’s stereo generator can be coupled directly to the modulator of the transmitter’s exciter. This enables the exciter to modulate with more precision and clarity.
• Perfect Declipper Plug-In (Optional): A revolutionary new algorithm to restore clipped segments and remove distortion in aggressively mastered audio recordings results in a clearer, more open texture that also gives more flexibly with processing choices. (Must be running v3.0 and G-Force.)
• SSBSC Technology: Omnia.11 Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier (SSBSC) technology may reduce multipath distortion.
• Extra Wide Touchscreen: 10.5" diagonal screen clearly shows all controls.
• Looks Cool and Stays Cool: Military-grade, fanless industrial design stays cool with heatsinks in rugged chassis.

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