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BUNDLE +ORBAN Optimod 8600 FM + NetConcert

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The ever growing need for high quality audio delivery, posses great challenges to STL radio links.

Digital audio quality must be maintained throughout the delivery chain and this can only be accomplished using digital transmission. Numerous compression schemes have been tried, but at the end, most broadcasters agree that only  uncompressed audio transmission can deliver the original audio quality, combined with the low latency needed for live applications.

netConcert incorporates the latest digital audio networking technology, to provide a turnkey, high quality, affordable, low latency solution for a studio to transmitter link, capable of delivering high quality uncompressed digital and analog audio.

High quality bi-directional uncompressed analog

audio and AES/EBU digital transmission.

Choice of 48/96 KHz internal sampling rate.

Full AES/EBU input sampling rate support.

Low latency: typically 5ms.

SNMP control capability.

Choice of microwave frequencies including the

unlicensed bands.

Flexible indoor-outdoor configuration with single

coaxial cable connection.

Flexible audio interface connection using simple CAT6

 network cabling.

Bi-directional RS232 serial bridging connection

with configurable data rate.

Easy installation and antenna alignment.

Simple and straightforward operation.


netConcert consists of one outdoor and one indoor unit, connected with a single coaxial cable and one audio interface unit, which can be connected with up to 100 m of CAT-5 networking cable. This scheme permits the installation of the audio interface at the most convenient position and avoids long runs of audio or RF cables.

Multiple Audio Formats

netConcert  offers two bi-directional analog audio channels featuring high quality 24bit, 48 or 96 KHz sampling rate, A/D & D/A converters & one bi-directional stereo AES/EBU chanel, supporting  32,44.2,48 or 96 KHz sampling rates.

Easy installation and operation.

Installation is trouble-free as no complicated, time consuming settings are required and a special antenna alignment indicator on the ODU helps to define antenna alignment, even without special instruments.

A complete set of diagnostic indicators on the IDU & Audio Interface, make monitoring and troubleshooting the system an easy task.

The system offers also a bi-directional RS232 connection which can be used  for ancillary data etc.

Excellent RF & Audio performance.

netConcert uses a highly reliable,  digital QPSK modulation scheme with Forward Error Correction.

No audio compression is used and this along with its low latency (typical 5ms), provides excellent audio quality and makes netConcert  especially suited for live production.

netConcert  specifications



 Type:                                      Balanced

Input connectors:                   XLR female shielded

Input Impedance :                  30 Kohms

A/D converter :                      24bit over sampling

Input Level (0dBFs):             +18dBu

Input sample rate:                  48/ 96 KHz

Output connectors:                XLR male shielded

Output Impedance :               200 ohms

D/A converter :                      24bit over sampling

Output Level

(0dBFs, 10 Kohms):               +18dBu.

Sample rate:                           48/ 96 KHz.


Frequency Response:            20Hz to 20KHz +/-0.25dB (48 KHz sample rate)

                                                20Hz to 40KHz +/-0.25dB (96 KHz sample rate)

Dynamic Range:                    > 112 dB, 48kHz and 96k sample rates

Latency:                                 5ms (typical)


 Input connector:                     XLR female shielded

Output connector:                  XLR male shielded

Input sample rate :                 32/44.1/48/ 96 KHz (sample rate converted to 48/96 KHz)

Output sample rate :              48/ 96 KHz


Dynamic Range :                   140dB input or output



Frequency of operation:        5150~5850 MHz (Other bands possible)

Modulation     :                       QPSK

TX Output power :                 =22dBm (max. 27dBm)

I.F :                                         TX: 310 MHz/ RX:70 MHz

RX Dynamic Range:             -84dBm ~ -15dBm 

Sensitivity (10-3  BER) :       -80dBm

RS232 Bridge

Baud rate:                              Factory configurable up to 57600 bits/sec

Format            :                       All 8-bit formats, no handshaking.


Input Voltage:                        100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz

Power consumptiont   :           75 W (total all units)


Dimensions:                           IDU: 1 RU, 254mm deep

                                                ODU: 392x310x156mm

                                                Audio interface: 1 RU, 270mm deep




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