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The Air-4 has four microphone preamps built in, which allows the use of a host microphone and three guest microphones without the use of any external mic preamps. It gives you 12 input faders (with A-B source select), a thirteen fader with Talkback and auto mix-minus for call-ins, external machine control, two program busses, built-in CUE speaker and CR, headphone and studio monitoring control.

Console includes:
13 Input Faders - 12 Stereo Input Channels with A/B inputs, 4 Microphone Inputs – patchable to any fader channel, 1 Phone Channel
Input – with mix-minus feed back to external hybrid, 2 Stereo Program Busses, Control Room, Headphone, & Studio Monitor feeds,
Selectable Control Room Monitor muting logic, 2 Large VU meter pairs with peak indicators, Internal Cue Speaker and On-Air tally
display, USB connection for extra versatility, RJ-45 connectors for low cost wiring. Power Supply and Operation & Installation Manual

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